NEWS RELEASE - September 18, 2014

If commercial real estate investment is something you’ve been considering as a part of your financial objectives, there are a few key factors to keep in mind for this type of investment.

Start by defining your goals and establishing your budget. In the case of Randy Carver of Apptuation LLC, he knew what he was looking for, “a warehouse with some office space that was located close to Mentor at an excellent price.”  Carver needed a space with warehouse storage that he could use for his own purposes as well as offices that he could rent out for income. Carver had a maximum budget for this investment of $300,000.

Next, be sure to work with a reputable Realtor and develop a good working relationship. Based on previous successful transactions, Carver called Rick Ferris, President of Sequoia Realty Corp. in Mentor, to tell him what he was looking for.  Having worked with Carver in the past, Ferris said “I was able to anticipate the needs of a previous client and offer him a property that suited his business goals.” Ferris had a property in mind at 7116 Industrial Park Boulevard in Mentor in which he was representing the seller, R.L. Holliday Co. Inc.  

Before even officially listing the property at 7116 Industrial Park Boulevard, Ferris had it shown and sold in just two weeks time, and only a few additional weeks after that until the closing.  Per Carver, “Rick was willing to present any offer that I made and was very responsive.” This type of trusting relationship among all parties led to a quick transaction. In the end, R.L. Holliday Co. Inc. sold the property at 7116 Industrial Park Boulevard to Randy Carver of Apptuation LLC for $140,000. Ferris concluded, “developing good working relationships and knowing the goals of my clients helps to ensure a quicker process. It’s a winning situation for all.”






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