NEWS RELEASE - April 28, 2014

After nearly four years on the market with two different Realtors, Janeen Keary turned to Sequoia Realty for help in selling a property at 854 E 185th Street and found quick success.

Fourteen years ago, Janeen Keary’s husband bought the E. 185th Street property in the Collinwood neighborhood of Cleveland as a business opportunity. After Keary’s husband passed away 4 ½ years ago, Keary wanted to sell the property that they had previously been leasing to Shore Carpet. Even as they gradually lowered the sale price to try to pique interest in the property, the first two Realtors found no buyers.

When Keary met Rick Ferris, President of Sequoia Realty, she was immediately impressed by his professionalism as well as his confidence that he would be able to sell the property.

Keary’s impression was correct. 

Ferris took a proactive approach to the sale by sending out flyers to the existing businesses in the neighborhood.  Ferris of Sequoia Realty explained that sometimes the answer is right in front of you, “people who are already familiar with and committed to a neighborhood are often interested in nearby properties whether for themselves or to recommend to others.”

When Sequoia Realty’s informative flyer arrived at Video Game and Record Exchange, also located on    E 185th Street, it was the first that co-owners Adam Harvey and Robert Winner learned that the property was for sale.

Harvey, who had been leasing space down the street for the last 15 years, jumped at the opportunity to buy this property. Per Harvey, “it’s a great location, a corner spot for better visibility and larger square footage. We are just down the street and didn’t know it was available until the flyer came.” 

By taking a creative approach to publicizing the available property, Sequoia Realty was able to secure a buyer and close the sale within months of the initial contact with the seller.

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